Over the years, after her modeling career, Kim was asked to be in numerous tv shows, soap operas and a couple of movies. While not her favorite career, she did enjoy the experience of acting and also meeting all the fun “characters” on their sets. She has the script cover of the last episode of Cheers signed by the whole cast.

The Commish (ABC)
Hope and Gloria (CNS)
Sunset Beach (NBC)
Olson Twins Holiday Special (Dick Clark Productions)
World’s Greatest Magic (CBS)
She disappeared for David Copperfield in his special on CBS
Worked with Leslie Neilson on Saturday Night Live (NBC)
Was in the final episode of CHEERS (NBC)
Her movie appearances were Body Bags, Holy Man and Perry Mason:The Case of the Wicked Wives
King of the Hill (FOX)
And had a syndicated radio spot for years called “Bet You Didn’t Know That”

Holy Man
Body Bags
Perry Mason: The Case of the Wicked Wives